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Valuing and affirming the rich cultural diversity of our Delray Beach community is at Cocoplum's core. As our executive planning committee designs everything from our curriculum to family recruitment, from budgets to staff hiring, racial justice has been at the forefront of every conversation and decision. Historically, nature and forest schools in the U.S. have served predominantly white and affluent families. We fully intend to confront, understand, and break this problematic pattern through culturally responsive practices that include and celebrate the many cultures in our area. 


The following action steps will be executed within our 2021-2022 inaugural school year:

  1. Program and curriculum auditing by experts to eliminate bias and promote inclusivity;

  2. Conscious Discipline workshops required for all staff and parents;

  3. Groundwater Approach Training (via Palm Beach County) for staff and parents;

  4. Courageous Conversations workshops required for all staff and offered to parents.

The struggle for justice is constant, and we must not and will not rest. These four action steps are just a starting point. And even when progress is made -- especially when progress is made -- we will persist on our journey as individuals and as a school community, and we will not relent.

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