Nature School

We envision a generation of children so nurtured and joyful in school in their formative years that their civic engagement, leadership, and daily lives are guided by principles of justice, peace, inclusion, environmental stewardship, and democracy.


Our mission is to provide a pre-K through elementary grades program of nature-based and place-based education that honors children as individuals, promotes joyful learning, and supports their growth as members of their community and stewards of the earth.

~Cocoplum founders, Melanie & Fernanda


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"You guys are the answer to what I've been asking the universe for. I have been planning on homeschooling because I hadn't found anything out there that was what I believed to be a fit for our child...Instead of becoming overwhelmed by how I would manage [working full-time and homeschooling], I let my fears and hopes go and have left it all to the universe knowing that somehow I would figure it out. Then your school came along. I can't tell you how full my heart is and how excited I am to apply for enrollment in the fall. My son has fallen in love with you all and says that these are the best days. Thank you for your gift and for having the courage to do this."

A.V., parent of a Cocoplum Nature Play student

"My son loves Cocoplum! He cries when he has to leave class!"

L.K., parent of a Cocoplum Nature Play student

"Our daughter is counting the minutes [between classes] until she can discover and explore with Cocoplum again!"

A.T.,  parent of a Cocoplum Nature Play student


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