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Nature School
for All

This Outdoor Classroom Day, make inclusion a reality

Nature schools and forest schools around the nation have long struggled to be inclusive of children with disabilities. Yet learning outdoors holds promise for the academic, social, and intrapersonal development of children with disabilities. And so, this year to mark Outdoor Classroom Day, Cocoplum Nature School seeks to draw attention to the importance of accessible facilities at nature schools. 


During a 72 hour period (November 3-5, 2021), 100% of donations made to Cocoplum Nature School will be directed to the construction of ADA compliant facilities at our school building. To the founders and staff at Cocoplum, renovating the bathrooms goes beyond following the law. Co-founder and Executive Driector Melanie Stefanovic states, "Inclusion is central to our work. Everyone should be able to benefit from all that nature school has to offer, and our students have so much to gain by learning in an inclusive and diverse school. When the time comes that a family with a child with disabilities wants to enroll at Cocoplum, we will be ready with open arms."

Make your tax-deductible donation in one of three ways:

  1. Send cash through Zelle to

  2. Mail a personal check to P.O. Box 6952 Delray Beach, FL 33482

  3. Donate instantly through PayPal 

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