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Homeschool Support

In the 2021-2022 school year, Cocoplum operated as a microschool providing services to homeschooling parents in Palm Beach County. We can help with everything from registering, planning, keeping a portfolio, and evaluations.

Leadership Development

Through a unique approach to coaching, we can help you meet your educational leadership professional development goals.

Program Evaluation

With an emphasis on rigorous mixed methods design, we can help you examine the results of your educational organization's programs to inform improvements and expand your impact.

Nature Integration

Increasing time in nature and decreasing the human impact on the environment are our bread and butter, and we can help your school or educational program achieve its environmental stewardship vision.

Grant Writing

Small or large grant? Government or private foundation? Research or project based? We can help from initial brainstorming to submitting a completed proposal.

Nature Program Development

No matter the stage of your program - from infancy to long-established - we can help develop a plan for improvement based on data and the latest research.


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